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About Us

Born Again Matrimony has been formed as an instrument of the Lord to help timely marriage possible to all born again children of Lord. We strive to be a tongue to those who feel alone or left out from mainstream first because they had been saved by our Lord.  As they are Born Again children, saviour, alone from a family and so has nobody to help or due to religious or economic reasons. Some of them are deprived of marriage and this is the prime motto behind such do initiative.

Our Mission

Being the most populous pentecostal matrimony we intend to help all brides and grooms to find a suitable match for all denominations who practice similar beliefs. Let us make it clear that this isn't a profit-oriented matrimony service. We sincerely wish to act as an instrument of Lord to fulfill his decisions for the Born Again children of God.

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Main Objective

  1. To help all Born Again and Pentecostal believers to find a suitable match.
  2. None of the Lord's children should remain unmarried due to economic reasons.
  3. To make marriage possible for all the Lord's children who are marginalized from their family or society just because they attained saviour alone from their family.
  4. For reasons such as religion, caste, age, educational qualification, job, beauty, or other economic reasons none of the lord's children should be deprived of marriage.
  5. All of God's children should get married at the right time. To be at the forefront is a reason for them to materialize. This is the main aim of Born Again Christian matrimony.

Why Born Again Matrimony?

I was born and brought up in a Hindu Nair family. From 17 years onwards I had a fade of sleep and gradually and gradually lost sleep totally. My life changed and the days and nights became similar and I became a total drunkard and a drug addict. I became a menace and problem to my family and society. It was during this time of my life that I had a lucky chance of meeting the Lord. The Lord changed my life totally for good. I got my sleep back and all my bad habits left me. I became acceptable and good to my family and society. In 2011 I decided to get married. As I moved ahead with proposals nothing materialized and I had to face a lot of problems. I had come into the belief alone without the support of my family, religion, caste, and all were hurdles that evaded me of marriage. A lot of proposals were turned down. Some of the believers who came through me also faced the same difficulties.
On long term prayers and intense desire for solutions, Lord helped me in starting a matrimonial named Born Again Christian Matrimony based at Trivandrum.

There are mainly two reasons for this initiative. One is that there are lots of boys and girls who come into the Lord's belief alone from a family who find it very difficult to marry. I had already gone through this ordeal. Secondly, I happened to meet many boys and girls in different dioceses who have passed their marrying age and are still unmarried. We aim to help them and expect the wholehearted support from your side and your diocese.

Vishnu Vishnu

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